Finomial creates a compliant and optimized on-boarding to off-boarding process with our compliant Client Lifecycle Management solutions.

Investor Compliance

FATCA, CRS, AML and KYC compliance made simple, with your complex rules built into the software and simplified digital workflows.

Client Lifecycle Management

On-boarding, off-boarding, and every touchpoint in between, with electronic forms, audit trails, digital outreach to investors, and transparent management reporting.

Investor Servicing

Digitize investor servicing, from self-service investor onboarding, performance reporting, email query management, inflows and outflows, to compliance management.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our expert digital transformation consulting offers support for any business configuration, world-class best practice and implementation leadership.

Finomial Solutions

Take control of your client lifecycle management. Finomial’s solutions provide an optimized on-boarding to off-boarding process, ensuring regulatory compliance at every stage of the journey – allowing you to develop great relationships with investors.

Investors have a time-consuming job, with the need to complete numerous forms, provide supporting documents, collaborate with fund managers and track the performance of their investments.

Our client lifecycle management platform automates the process, allowing you to track all investor data, deliver optimized digital workflows and encourage investor self-service.

Digitally transform KYC, AML, FATCA and CRS compliance across jurisdictions with your complex rules built right into the software and an efficient, user-friendly workflow that simplifies the process for both your team and your investors.

Once investors are onboarded, increase engagement through a digitized service and modern investor portal, allowing investors to review critical data and engage effectively. Give fund and relationship managers full transparency into investor activity, with streamlined and efficient communications.

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